Air Charter Service Offers 私人 Air Charters for Business 和 Leisure at the Best Prices

适合勤奋的高管和眼光敏锐的旅行者, flying on a private jet gives you all the convenience of road travel without the limitations of fixed routes 和 traffic, not to mention saves you an enormous amount of time.

At ACS we work hard to deliver leading-edge private air charter options 和 services that put you at the center of a personalized, 按需旅行体验,无论您是商务还是休闲飞行.

A private jet charter flying in the sky

私人 charter flights for business

A private business jet rental is your fast track to time-saving convenience 和 travel flexibility. 这是高管们唯一真正有效的解决方案, 有严格日程安排的高级管理人员和关键人员, 在不同的城市开会或在一天内访问几个地点. 

能够 租一架私人飞机 anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice is about more than taking back control of your travel schedule. The space 和 comfort of an executive jet allows you to choose how you’ll spend your time in the air. This could be working on a presentation, meeting with clients or colleagues, 或者放松一下,这样你才能精力充沛地进入下一个阶段.

With so many popular business planes to choose from, your dedicated jet charter specialist will make sure you always enjoy the ideal aircraft for a particular journey, whether it’s a light jet for domestic travel, a turboprop for those hard to reach areas, 或者是跨洲飞行的行政客机.

Need a private business jet rental? 给你当地的办公室打电话 or 

A private jet charter on the airstrip

私人 aircraft rental for leisure

macaugalaxy银河国际赁 for leisure travel is becoming extremely popular. 为什么? Because we value every moment of our leisure time, 也就是说过程和结果一样重要. 

When you fly with a small charter airline, 就像那些和我们一起工作的人, 你避免了商业航空旅行中令人沮丧的问题——机场停车方便, access to private terminals, no queuing in long security lines, 和 the peace of mind that your aircraft charter will wait for you if you’re a few minutes late. 你也可以带上更多的行李或设备, relax 和 stretch out in a comfortable recliner, 不用塑料刀叉就能享受美食.

Whether it’s a short trip for a weekend’s skiing or a two-week vacation in the Caribbean, your dedicated charter expert will guide you through the easy process of booking a private jet 和 help you choose from a variety of popular private planes to get you 和 your loved ones to your destination in comfort 和 with a minimum of fuss. 你到达时很放松,休息得很好,准备好充分利用你的冒险.

Need a private air charter? 给你当地的办公室打电话 or






We take the confusion out of chartering a private jet with a simple, four-stage process. Your dedicated charter consultant, 由我们的全球办事处网络和24小时运营团队提供支持, ensure no matter what your requirements, your charter goes off without a hitch.

为什么 charter a private jet with ACS?

  • Our experience works for you: We have over 25 years’ experience transporting people across the globe with bespoke charter services.
  • 豪华舒适:飞行应该是一种乐趣-我们让您的私人飞行豪华, comfortable 和 convenient, 无论你是想提高工作效率,还是想为你的假期开个好头.
  • 谨慎和安全:ACS包机保证您的隐私, 在必要的时候, 我们与您的安全供应商就您的包机的各个方面密切合作.
  • Take control of your schedule: Connect with commercial flights or fly to your own timetable – whatever your time 和 location requirements, we put together charter flights that suit you.
  • 访问更多机场:您可以包机往返于偏远地区, leaving from an airfield with little or no infrastructure 和 l和ing closer to your final destination at more airports 和 airfields than a scheduled service would allow.
  • 全球覆盖:无论你想去世界的哪个地方, our international network of offices puts our local knowledge to work for you on a global scale.
  • 私人 terminal access: Avoid queues 和 frustrating delays – you can board your private plane just minutes before take-off.
  • Cost efficiency: Our buying power 和 reputation allows us to get the best jet charter prices for you so you always enjoy the most cost-effective solution for your travels.
  • Choice of aircraft: With access to 50,000架私人飞机和130种不同类型的飞机, we always supply the right aircraft for your trip.
  • Personal account manager: Your dedicated charter specialist is available 24/7 to help you with any requirements you may have, 从安排机上美食到在最后一刻更改航班.

Need an instant price estimate on a charter flight?

If you’re thinking about flying by private jet, 我们的定价指南 is a good place to start.

You can use our price estimate tool to get an approximate cost for an entire aircraft category or individual aircraft types on your requested dates.


Questions about Flying by 私人 Plane

How do I charter a private jet?

After you’ve inquired about a charter jet, you’ll be assigned a personal charter specialist. 这个人会给你发一些报价供你选择, each of which will have a clear breakdown of aircraft 和 airports as well as the reasons they’ve been chosen for you. If you want to go ahead, your account manager will make the bookings 和 send you the flight details. This includes directions to the terminal 和 any other important information to do with your charter.

Your personal account manager is your go-to person for any questions or requests you have up to the flight 和, 如果可能的话, they’ll meet you at the terminal to see you off. 在整个过程中, they’ll be contactable 24/7, 和 you can call from anywhere, 只要你喜欢——租一架私人飞机就是这么容易!

How do I choose a plane for my private flight?

Your dedicated account manager will narrow down your best options from the many aircraft available to you. When helping you to make your final choice, 我们总是根据你对那次旅行的需求提供建议. You can take a look at our 飞机指南 了解更多信息.

How fast is a private jet?

This depends on the class of jet. 通常, 沉重的飞机, 超级中型喷气机和中型喷气机的飞行速度为每小时400至500英里, Light Jets around 400 to 480 mph, 和 Turboprops at 220 to 315 mph. But keep in mind when choosing a charter jet, 飞机的速度会受到逆风等因素的影响, 急流, 高度, 飞行动荡, 天气状况, 和 the number of 乘客 和 baggage onboard.

How far can a private jet fly?

重 jets are designed to carry as many people 和 as much baggage as possible over longer distances. Used mainly for international travel, the average range of a 重 Jet is 7,000 miles or eight hours of nonstop flying time.

如果你想坐飞机的话,中型飞机是个不错的选择,450 miles – that would be the equivalent of flying from New York to Los Angeles in less than five hours without having to stop to refuel. But keep in mind that the distance an aircraft can fly depends on a number of things like payload which includes the number of 乘客 和 baggage onboard as well as the amount of fuel carried 和 wind 和 天气状况.

Light jets that usually seat four to eight people, are a luxurious way to travel distances of up to 1,500 miles before having to refuel, or three to four hours of flying time. 涡轮螺旋桨飞机在600到1000英里的航程中尤其具有成本效益.


我们会通知您所选飞机的货舱容量. You will be able to upgrade if you need more space. 通常, you would be able to take more baggage with you on a private aircraft rental than on a commercial airline. 如果带上高尔夫球杆或滑雪板等物品,你可能需要升级装备.

When do I need to check-in before my charter flight?

When using private terminals, 你可以在离起飞更近的地方办理登机手续,而不是乘坐商业航班. 有时你可以在飞机起飞前15分钟到达, 在某些情况下,你可以直接被送到飞机上登机.

Can I fly with my pet on a charter flight?

Yes, although there are rules when flying into or out of the US with a companion animal. 它们不仅需要宠物护照,还需要植入微芯片, 和 their rabies vaccinations must be up to date. A private air charter is one of the kindest ways to transport your pet from one destination to another.

How much is a private jet flight?

The cost of a private plane rental depends on the distance you travel 和 the aircraft you’ve chosen. A short 40-minute flight in a small plane could cost around $2,800, while the price of a 1.一架中型喷气式飞机5小时的飞行费用将接近3.45万美元. As the size of jet 和 flight times increase, 租一架私人飞机的费用也会增加.

How to book a private jet

如果你想了解更多关于包租私人飞机的信息,你可以 与我们的团队交流 about all the benefits there are to flying private. 匆匆忙忙? 得到一个 instant private jet cost estimate 作为起点. 我们也很乐意和你谈谈你的其他灵活的选择, 具有成本效益的旅游, like our short-haul air taxi service or our 喷气机卡 that gives you a range of benefits that are unmatched by any other product on the private aviation market.












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